Frequently Ask Questions – Personal Concierge Service

What about the cost?

The question really is, what is YOUR time worth?

You can keep trying to get everything done, but is the personal stress and anxiety worth it? Sometimes the only way to achieve your outcome is to outsource.

Our Lifestyle Assistant is just $100 a week for unlimited* Requests.  Compare that to a Personal Trainer for 1 hour,  a Cleaner for 3 hours or a Mani/Pedi – all the same price, all limited.

Unsure?  Go for our Concierge on Call service instead, just $1.75 a minute.

How do you do it?

You send us your Request (aka your ‘to do list).

Our Concierge then review the Request and come back to you if they have any questions to make sure we have covered everything.

We use our own experience, verified vendors or extensive connections to complete your Request (no we do not ask Dr Google)!

You pay for our time to complete the Request (depending upon which service you have elected) plus any invoices from third parties or reasonable expenses required to complete the Request – nothing more.

You save all that time and the stress. It’s just like having a PA that thinks just like you to get your list done.

But how will you know what I want?

We take the time to get to know you so we can become experts in acting on your behalf without having to interrupt your day – exactly the same way your PA or sister is able to ‘just know’ what you would do.

At the beginning we will ask you lots of questions but then over time that will lessen.  We can act on your behalf on anything (even those things you think we can’t), we are able to easily organise authorisations so we can do all those tricky tasks too.

I don't have time to explain everything.

We know that often the thought of downloading the extent of the task can be overwhelming.

The good news is that you only ever have to do it once and then it is done.  Our team are great at pre-empting what you might need so you may not have explain as much as you think.

Why can't a regular errand-runner do it?

Sure there is a place for this service, but for us trusted relationships and ongoing care are important to us, it’s part of our Core Values.

An errand runner can do the tasks, but then you have to sort through all the ‘bids’ for your task, return lots of calls/emails, wait for them to call you back – how much time are you really saving?  Then when you finally decide who to use, you don’t know who they are?

Why can't my PA do it?

Maybe, but chances are they don’t have the expertise or the connections you require to manage your tasks in a timely and affordable way.

It is also likely that your PA looks after multiple people therefore in order to remain ‘fair’, personal tasks you ask them to do may be frowned upon by others in your group.

Your PA may need to be productive and chargeable for their own time to meet their business outcomes and KPI’s. Find out how a Personal Concierge is different from your PA.

Can't I just do it myself?
Probably, but more often than not it will cost you more time and more money than hiring an expert. We have spent years developing trusted relationships with every type of trade and service imaginable. Don’t risk searching the internet for someone you ‘hope’ will be OK. Using a Personal Concierge means you get the best product and the right price every single time. No more asking Dr Google to find something that ‘might’ work. Check out our fun analysis here.
What if something goes wrong?

You are absolutely assured (as well as being insured and guaranteed) that your Request will be managed by an appropriate expert or industry professional. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we will ensure that it is resolved to your complete satisfaction.

If we don’t believe we can complete your Request to meet your requirements, we will let you know from the outset.

How long will my Request take to finish?
This really depends on the nature of the task.  We won’t ever offer an exact quote for time taken as there are so many variables, however it is more likely less time that it would take to do you it yourself based on our experience (we’ve completed a similar Request previously and know exactly what to do and who to call), our access to vendors and connections.  We won’t spend hours scrolling through internet search results looking for ‘hopeful’ solutions.
How often will you hear from us?

To start with you will probably hear from us a quite frequently.  This is because we will want to ask lots of questions to help us understand your specific preferences (likes and dislikes).  Over time the amount of questions will lessen as we come to learn what you would do without having to ask.

If we haven’t heard from you at all for a few weeks, do expect a call from us.  That’s when we know you’re super busy and probably need our help the most.

Remember you can contact us anytime via our App, or you can always pick up the phone.

Can I cancel my Lifestyle Assistant?

Yes, you absolutely can cancel your service, you just need to send your Lifestyle Assistant and email requesting your cancellation, this will be processed within 14 days of receiving your request.


Can I stop and start my Lifestyle Assistant?

Our Lifestyle Assistant service is designed to give you maximum ongoing support.  If you have a few tasks this month and then something else in 6 weeks time, our Concierge On Call service is for you.

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